Pre-NFL Combine 2024 Chicago Bears 7-round mock draft

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Round 3 75. Malachi Corley, WR, Western Kentucky 

Malachi Corley was on the board for the simulation, but of all of the players in this mock draft, he may be the least likely to still be on the board when the Chicago Bears make their pick. Corley is flying under the radar now, but he may be someone that people catch up on by the time the NFL Combine has rolled through.

Corley has a lot of talk of being the next Deebo Samuel. While that is a lot, it comes from the idea that he can catch a screen, turn up the field, and make things happen after the catch. Corley can work in and out of the slot and has been used all over the field. That is the type of asset that could mesh with D.J. Moore. It also is exactly what a rookie quarterback would like to fall into. If the Bears can draft Corley, add a free-agent wide receiver, and then have DJ Moore already in place, fans will be crediting the first-year success of any rookie quarterback on the reality that he was put into a good situation. Could you imagine that? 

Round 4 111: Hunter Nourzad, OC, Penn State

Hunter Nourzad is another name to keep an eye on as a potential riser during the late stages of the NFL Combine process. He started his career at Cornell as a right tackle before transferring to Penn State. At Penn State, he started at left guard in 2022, while Juice Scruggs started at center. After Scruggs was drafted by the Houston Texans, they moved Nourzad to center. He flourished. 

Nourzad has consistently gotten better, changing positions and increasing competition levels along the way. He looked natural at center and could stick there moving forward. The Chicago Bears should add another center in free agency, but between that rookie and Nourzad, the team could have their future at the position.