Predicting the Chicago Bears top 10 prospects on their 2023 NFL Draft board

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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Chicago Bears, Jalen Carter
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The final two prospects on the Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft board

Jalen Carter, DT - Georgia

When it comes to the Jalen Carter situation, we have to trust that Ryan Poles is doing his due diligence and gets a true feel for Carter's mentality, work ethic, and maturity. Right now, I'm probably not touching Jalen Carter. However, I'd be open to the idea that he convince me otherwise. This is likely why Ryan Poles used a top-30 visit on Carter.

Even without the off-the-field issues, there have been some other red flags. He struggled during his Pro Day and he is rumored to have taken plays off at times. Carter is still in my top 10 because if everything clicks he could be one of the more dominant 3-technique defensive linemen in the league. That said, I'm probably going elsewhere -- "a safer pick."

Christian Gonzalez, CB - Oregon

An important trait for any cornerback is the ability to be flexible and move the hips to keep up with the receiver. The key is to almost never put your back to the quarterback. Well, the fluidity in Christian Gonzalez' hips is fantastic. He typically keeps his body turned in a way to keep an eye on the quarterback's eyes and/or throwing motion. Surprisingly, he is not the biggest ball hawk, but he'd be a great addition to the roster should Devon Witherspoon not fall to nine.