Prioritizing the Chicago Bears player-acquisition strategies after their big trade

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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This article will define and prioritize the best player acquisition strategies for the Chicago Bears moving forward. Their number one strategy with a bullet is whatever is best for Justin Fields' development is best for the Bears. After trading for a WR1 in D.J. Moore their top priority clearly, is the need to put together the best pass-blocking offensive line they possibly can given their resources. This is what is best for Justin Fields.

This is followed closely by the Bears needing to field a defensive line that game in and game out can muster up a good pass rush. Based on their options it seems unlikely they can build a defensive line that can have an above average pass rush in 2023.

However, given that they will have two first-round picks in 2024, a great pass rush in Chicago could be in their near future. Bringing D.J. Moore to Chicago made accomplishing these top priorities much easier. In part, this is because they now have D.J. Moore locked into a very reasonable price of $17.5M per year for the next three years in his youthful prime at 26 years old.

However, going into the 2023 season getting both their offensive line and their defensive line built to an above-average level will take some luck as well as some brain power. Given the importance of the 3-technique to the Bears' defensive line it would be smart for the Bears to fill this role in free agency.

The draft is way too much of a crap shoot to depend on the draft to fill this big hole in their defense. This is why signing the 3T Dre'Mont Jones should and likely will be their first order of business in free agency. The Eagles Jason Hargrave is tempting but he is 30 years old compared to Dre'Mont being 26. It is very likely the Bears GM, Ryan Poles will shy away from players 30 years or older at this point in the Bears' rebuild process.