Prioritizing the Chicago Bears player-acquisition strategies after their big trade

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The Chicago Bears should not rush out and sign a right tackle

Now, most will probably assume the next free agent to sign is a right tackle. There are some good reasons to pursue a right tackle but there are also some very good reasons not to jump the gun on this. If you combine three very important factors, it is quite likely the Bears draft a left tackle with the ninth pick in the draft and maybe don't sign a right tackle from free agency.

These factors start with Justin Fields' growth as the team's number one priority. The next factor is the strong likelihood that the best player available at nine in the draft will be a left tackle. For important context, the Bears' history is that the last time they had a top left tackle goes way back to the 85-era team when they had Jimbo Covert.

If the Chicago Bears really want to give Fields his best shot at becoming a great quarterback they will find him a very good to great blindside protector. Braxton Jones at best is a good left tackle but whether he will become a very good or a great one is completely unknown at this time.