Pros and Cons to Chicago Bears hiring Klint Kubiak as offensive coordinator

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The Chicago Bears are interviewing San Francisco 49ers passing game coordinator Klint Kubiak to be their next offensive coordinator. What does Kubiak bring to the table that causes them to have such interest?

Chicago Bears to interview Klint Kubiak for offensive coordinator

Kubiak is obviously well-known as a name because his dad, Gary Kubiak, has been a staple in the NFL. Gary was head coach of the Houston Texans from 2006 through 2013 and was the Denver Broncos head coach when they won a Super Bowl with Peyton Manning. Kubiak has a long relationship with Kyle Shanahan, going back to his dad, Mike, under whom Gary played. 

Kyle then coached under Gary with the Houston Texans before Kyle was able to return the favor with Kint. 

Klint Kubiak started his career at Texas A&M as an assistant. There, he saw Ryan Tannehill grow into an NFL quarterback. Klint moved up and joined the Minnesota Vikings in 2013 and 2014 as a quality control coach. Kubiak coached under Leslie Frazier and saw the team draft Teddy Bridgewater.

He spent one year with the Kansas Jayhawks before getting back into the NFL as an offensive assistant, coaching under his dad with the Denver Broncos. After two years with Paxton Lynch in Denver, the Broncos went in a different direction, That is why he caught on with the Minnesota Vikings and Mike Zimmer in 2019.

He coached quarterbacks with Kirk Cousins for two seasons before being his offensive coordinator for one year. He was under Kevin Stefanski as the quarterbacks coach. Still, the offense floundered, and Zimmer ended up moving on from him. 

He picked up with the Denver Broncos in 2022 and worked under Nathaniel Hackett as the passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach. Russell Wilson struggled with Hackett, but Kubiak took over as playcaller for the final five games, and it remains the best we have seen from Wilson with the Broncos.

Last year, he was the passing game coordinator for the 49ers. 

Pros to Chicago Bears hiring Klint Kubiak 

The pro is that he comes from the Kyle Shanahan scheme. His dad worked with Kyle’s father, and that scheme made the Houston Texans offense dynamic with Matt Schaub. He has worked with multiple rookie quarterbacks and has coached many different styles, from Ryan Tannehill to Teddy Bridgewater, Paxton Lynch, Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins, and Brock Purdy. He also has experience with Shanahan, Hackett, Stefanski, and Zimmer, some well-known coaching names. 

His family is known for their run scheme, but in recent years, his best work has been as a passing game coordinator. He has experience and is well-versed in many styles of offense. 

Cons to Chicago Bears hiring Klint Kubiak

Klint Kubiak has hardly ever called plays, and when he did, it was a failure that caused him to be let go after one season. He did call plays late for the Denver Broncos, but that was after he had his hands in the disastrous season in Denver. His first stint with the Broncos ended with him and his dad moving on after failing to get anything out of Paxton Lynch. 

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Kubiak is living off of who his dad is and who his dad is friends with. The actual results of what Kubiak has done can be questioned, and his best successes have come when he is on a good coaching staff; it is tough to find exactly what to credit Kubiak for.