Pros and Cons of Chicago Bears Interviewing Zac Robinson 

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The Chicago Bears are interviewing Los Angeles Rams passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach Zac Robinson for the offensive coordinator job. What would be the pros and cons of the Bears hiring Robinson this offseason?

Chicago Bears plan to interview Zac Robinson for offensive coordinator

Zac Robinson was a player in the NFL as recently as 2013. He was more well known for his passing success in the Oklahoma State offense, but he was a seventh-round pick who lasted from 2010 to 2013. 

He spent some time away from the NFL and even worked as an analyst at Pro Football Focus for a little bit of time before getting a call to be the assistant quarterbacks coach for the Los Angeles Rams in 2019. He moved to assistant wide receivers coach in 2020 before going back to quarterbacks in 2021. Then, in 2022, he was moved up to passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach. 

Pros of the Chicago Bears hiring Zac Robinson 

They are getting another part of the Sean McVay tree. With Zac Robinson, they are getting one of the younger play-callers at age 37, and they are getting someone who saw the game from the analytical standpoint at PFF but then used that to help Sean McVay and his staff win football games. 

Ever since college, he has been in a pass-heavy offense, and he is a former quarterback, so it should be easy for him to work with a young quarterback. Robinson feels like the type of guy who is a big name in a few years and just needs to get his big start somewhere. 

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Cons of the Chicago Bears hiring Zac Robinson 

Of all of the offensive coordinators for the Chicago Bears so far, this is the least experienced by a good bit. Robinson has never called plays, and the rest of the candidates. It comes with more risk and question marks. He has hardly even been in a position for more than a year, as he has been an assistant position coach from 2019 through 2021. This hire may have the most upside but obviously the most downside as well.