3 prospects who could help Chicago Bears fans forget Jalen Carter

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Chicago Bears, Keeanu Benton
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1. Will Chicago Bears draft Keeanu Benton

Keeanu Benton could be flying under the radar and may be much better in the NFL. He has 36 career starts at Wisconsin, but most of his work has come as a nose tackle clogging gaps up front. This makes sense because the Big 10 is geared towards the run and they wanted their best run stopper up there.

However, Benton probably projects best as three-technique shooting gaps in the B-gap. Last season Wisconsin started to push Benton outside a bit more and he went from five tackles for loss to 10, and 2.5 sacks up to 4.5.

Benton went to the Senior Bowl, and they also let him work more as a pass-rushing three-technique. This was another great week for him. We saw the Chicago Bears draft a riser from the Senior Bowl already when they added Darnell Wright, so the addition of Benton would not be a shocker in that regard.

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His tape is mostly as a nose so he was not regarded in any light close to Jalen Carter. However, his best play may be ahead of him, and the Chicago Bears are obviously concerned that we saw the best from Carter already. If the team does end up with Benton, Dexter, or Adetomiwa Adebawore and they added Darnell Wright earlier, it becomes a lot easier to sleep on the idea of Jalen Carter passing them by.