5 prospects who will shape what Chicago Bears do in 2023 NFL draft

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Chicago Bears, Tyree Wilson
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2. When will Tyree Wilson get drafted?

If you had to list the locks for the top nine right now, it would be three quarterbacks and then Wil Anderson. Beyond that, you can make an argument for anyone. However, it is starting to become a consensus that Tyree Wilson be gone in the top nine as well.

The Chicago Bears did bring Wilson in, just in case. That is because while he could go top two, he could also fall to nine. He is gaining media hype, but who knows if that is real in NFL circles. Lets just say that the top five picks go four straight quarterbacks, and then Will Anderson.

Tyree Wilson may be the next pick, but there are only three more names to be picked before Chicago is on the board. Does he go? Do the cornerbacks go before him? If both of them are mixed in, you can start to see Wilson dropping.

At the same time, if both cornerbacks are top nine locks, if Wilson is a lock, and Will Anderson is a lock, that is four. Add in four quarterbacks, and that be it. Is that it? If the Chicago Bears want anyone to fall, it would be Anderson of Wilson and Wilson may be the more realistic of the two.

On the flip side, if they have been assuming Wilson is gone, does Wilson, Anderson, two corners, and four quarterbacks equal the best top eight for Chicago?