3 reasons to question Chicago Bears signing Yannick Ngakoue

The Chicago Bears signing Yannick Ngakoue has been praised, but there are questions about the deal.

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1. Will Yannick Ngakoue help build the culture with the Chicago Bears?

One of the main reasons we thought that the Chicago Bears might not sign Yannick Ngakoue is the question of what he brings to the culture of the roster. There is a reason that Ngakoue is now on his sixth team as he enters his eighth NFL season. We have noted that he knows that his numbers are what matters to him getting paid, and he plays like it.

That is not what Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears have been building. Remember they passed on George Pickens because they were worried about similar issues? It was definitely a more serious incident with Jalen Carter, but the team passed on him because they wanted to keep the locker room in line.

Now, they are signing Ngakoue, who is essentially a mercenary. He goes from team-to-team looking for the best deal. Matt Eberflus preaches hustle, intensity, technique, and smarts. Ngakoue plays smart for his pockets but not quite for the team. The hustle and intensity come and go based on whether he thinks he can grab a sack, and the technique in run defense has never been there.

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In terms of the team needing a pass rusher and getting one, they checked the box. However, the system fit and the culture fit brings more questions. Will this be another year where Ngakoue wears out his welcome, and the team moves on shortly after?