5 questions that need answered for Chicago Bears this season

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Chicago Bears, Jaylon Johnson
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3. Do the Chicago Bears workout a deal with Jaylon Johnson?

One of the more interesting names when it comes to an extension is Jaylon Johnson. You could argue that just like the team drafted Tyler Scott to replace Darnell Mooney, the Chicago Bears did the exact same for Jaylon Johnson with Tyrique Stevenson.

Johnson will be a free agent at the end of this season and while Ryan Poles has said he wants to extend Johnson, we will only see for sure soon. It is fair that the Chicago Bears did not also add D.J. Moore as they did at wide receiver. They are not spending on anyone at cornerback like that.

In fact, you could make the case that drafting Stevenson was more about ensuring Gordon was in the slot more in 2023. Gordon was being asked to play both the slot and the outside, and it has proven to be a bit too much for him. So, if they can lock down Johnson and Stevenson outside, and Gordon lives in the slot, they have the talent needed. With Terell Smith, they have the depth that is always going to be handy at cornerback.

So, the design of the cornerback room does not scream Jaylon Johnson is leaving the way that it does for Darnell Mooney. Will the team get anything done before the season, or will they wait? How will his play, or even his training camp impact how a deal gets done?