10 questions Chicago Bears must answer against Washington Commanders week 5

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Washington Commanders v Philadelphia Eagles, Sam Howell
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7. Will the Chicago Bears have a rest advantage over the Washington Commanders?

The Chicago Bears are on the road on a short week, which usually would put the team at a disadvantage. However, the Bears could be in a decent spot because Washington ended up playing an overtime game that went down to the very end. Yes, the Bears also played a back-and-forth game, but the Denver Broncos also played at a slower pace, so the defense was spared a lot more.

The Commanders defense played 71 snaps, and the Bears defense played 48 snaps. For the game, the Commanders played 149 snaps, while the Bears played just 120. Beyond that, the Commanders lost a crushing division that they were all the way invested in.

The Chicago Bears will come in motivated, and they come in with a more rested defense. The Commanders come in trying to get the energy up for a 0-4 team after just going all-in and losing in a tiring back-and-forth game against an undefeated unit. There is a chance that the Commanders will come out flat here, and the Bears could take advantage.