10 questions Chicago Bears must answer against Washington Commanders week 5

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Chicago Bears, Duron Harmon
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5. Will the Chicago Bears start Duron Harmon?

The Chicago Bears poached Duron Harmon from the Baltimore Ravens practice squad. That means that the team has to keep him active for the next couple of weeks, or he will revert back to Baltimore. The Ravens have injuries in their secondary, and Harmon has to know that. He has to know that he signed with the Bears because they are in a worse spot than the Ravens, and he thinks he can get on the field sooner for the Chicago Bears. This may be true.

The Bears have tried to use Elijah Hicks to start in place of Eddie Jackson. It went fine for a week, but the Denver Broncos hit too many deep balls over him. His failed coverage led to a Marvin Mims catch that set up the game-winning field goal.

Hicks is a seventh-round pick without much invested in him. He had a shot; now the Bears need to try to win. This could mean starting Harmon. This also could mean that Eddie Jackson will not be back soon. If they thought he would, would they have signed Duron Harmon? Or will Harmon just play special teams?