10 questions Chicago Bears must answer against Washington Commanders week 5

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4. Is the Chicago Bears run defense in trouble?

The Chicago Bears run defense is bad, and we all know it. What is surprising is that the Washington Commanders rushing attack is pretty solid. As a team, Washington ranks 7th in success rate and 10th in Expected Points Added, per RBSDM. Meanwhile, the Bears are a respectable 15th in success rate and just 23rd in Expected Points Added.

Brian Robinson has eight rush attempts that went for 10 yards or more. That is tied for 4th in the NFL right now with big-play hitters like James Cook, Raheem Mostert, and Isaiah Pachecho. Sam Howell has 11 rushing attempts, and he has picked up five first downs with his legs.

Some of it is that the players are performing; a lot of it comes back to Eric Bienemy. It is clear he knows how to set up a run game, as that was his role before the offensive coordinator seat. Meanwhile, Matt Eberflus is trying to do two different jobs at once for the Chicago Bears. The Bears will be out-schemed when the defense is on the field, and we can only hope the run game is contained.