10 questions Chicago Bears must answer against Washington Commanders week 5

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Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears, Russell Wilson, Justin Fields
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3. Can the Chicago Bears make the Washington Commanders pay with Justin Fields rushes?

The Washington Commanders pass rush is nice, but their first-round picks are still not gap-sound. It leads to bigger runs but also quarterback scrambles. The Commanders have played against Russell Wilson, Josh Allen, and Jalen Hurts, but all three have been able to break the contain at some point and put the Commanders linebackers in conflict.

The Commanders' linebackers are a big reason their defense is not good. Jamin Davis was a first-round pick who is not living up to that billing. He is the WILL to Cody Barton, who calls the plays up front. However, he is a tick slow, and those quicker quarterbacks and running backs get away from him too easily.

Justin Fields did well staying in the pocket to make passes against a bad Denver defensive front, but even the Broncos got a few big hits in. Fields needs to know this pass rush will hurt him and get out there and run. He could put up 100 yards rushing this week if he wanted to.