10 questions Chicago Bears must answer against Washington Commanders week 5

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Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears, Khalil Herbert
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2. Will Khalil Herbert hit a big run for the Chicago Bears?

If you recall the Commanders game last year, the offense started to find life in this Thursday Night clash. One thing that aided that spark was Khalil Herbert, who has seven rushes for 77 yards, and that was aided by a 63-yard rushing attempt. In the same way that Justin Fields can get loose to the outside, so can Khalil Herbert.

The Commanders are not gap-sound, and they have one linebacker who is fast but slow to process and one linebacker who is fast to process but slow. Between this and the Chicago Bears' improving run game, there is a chance that Herbert will play well this week. It started to look like Herbert was winning the three-down role last week, and he has made big strides in the passing game. Does that continue this week, and if it does, do the Bears have their three-down back? It feel like this wil get more definitive after this week.