10 questions Chicago Bears must answer week 6 vs Minnesota Vikings

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, DJ Moore
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1. Are the Chicago Bears about to see another big D.J. Moore day?

D.J. Moore has started to show why he was worth so much to the Chicago Bears in the trade for the number one overall pick. We saw it in the preseason and training camp, but the last two weeks are things that Bears fans have not seen on an NFL field in a long time. Now, he has a chance to do it again.

Brian Flores will shift his coverage to Moore and try to force someone else to win. He may do better than Washington, but the big issue is that he does not have the players to make this happen.

The team signed Byron Murphy and he has not lived up to their expectations this year. They also just lost Akayleb Evans against the Chiefs. He may play, but he is susceptible to being beat as well. If not Evans, it will be rookie Mekhi Blackmon. In the slot they have Josh Metellus, who is a former safety and is better against the run than the pass.

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Wherever the Chicago Bears put D.J. Moore, he will have a matchup advantage. After two straight dominant games, the question is what can he do to continue this, and how do the Vikings try to limit it, despite their weaker personnel?