10 questions Chicago Bears must answer week 6 vs Minnesota Vikings

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8. How will the Chicago Bears backfield look?

The Chicago Bears have some pretty serious question marks in their backfield. They are going to be without Khalil Herbert, we know that for sure. They also are likely going to be without both Travis Homer and Roschon Johnson. Homer has a hamstring, and Johnson has a concussion.

Johnson has not been able to get out of the protocol, so the odds of him starting this week are getting low. This will lead to the Chicago Bears leaning on D'onta Foreman and Darrynton Evans.

Foreman was signed this year to take on the power back role, but the emergence of Roschon Johnson has made his skillset a bit useless. Without Johnson, he could get a lot of the work, and with the Bears interior getting a push now, he could have a big day.

Evans was with the team last year, so he should know the offense well. Foreman is a liability in the passing game, so the team will use Foreman on early downs, then bring in Evans to pass protect and catch passes. How does this duo look in comparison to the Chicago Bears starters? We are about to find out.