10 questions Chicago Bears must answer week 6 vs Minnesota Vikings

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5. Will we continue to see more Marcedes Lewis and Robert Tonyan for the Chicago Bears?

One notable change the Chicago Bears made in recent weeks was going away from three wide receivers and leaning into more heavy personnel looks. The Bears moved on from Chase Claypool and do not have the adequate depth right now to replace him.

They also should lean heavy to protect their offensive line and continue their identity of a run-first football team. So, it may be because they played two weaker defenses, but the Chicago Bears went heavier in the last two games, and things paid off in a big way.

So, the question is whether this will continue. We noted the Vikings weak front. The Chicago Bears should lean into Marcedes Lewis as well as Khari Blasingame on Sunday. They should see their highest snap shares yet as the Bears try to overpower this team and show them they are the tougher division foe.