10 questions Chicago Bears must answer week 6 vs Minnesota Vikings

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Justin Fields
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2. Will Justin Fields continue to beat bad defenses?

Justin Fileds has played the best two games of his career in the last 14 days. Some of that is a sign that he is taking a step forward. A good portion of that is because he has played some of the worst defenses in the NFL in back-to-back weeks. The good news is that the fun does not stop this week. The Vikings defense is not good.

As we noted, they have one key pass rusher, and the rest is at a disadvantage against the Bears. Their secondary can be exposed through the air and they are still trying new things with defensive coordinator Brian Flores just getting to put his hands on things.

Flores has changed a lot, and it has come with growing pains, but Flores is also the reason why this will be a test for Justin Fields. Flores has well-timed and disguised blitzes. He will come at Fields and make Fiellds think on the fly. The sharper quarterbacks can pick apart the thin secondary when he blitzes. The bad quarterbacks will take sacks against the Vikings blitzes. How will Justin Fields look this week?