10 questions Chicago Bears must answer in week four vs Denver Broncos

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Chicago Bears, Ben Powers
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8. Did the Chicago Bears miss out on Ben Powers?

One name that was tied heavily to the Chicago Bears this summer was Ben Powers. Powers comes from the Baltimore Ravens, so the run scheme was similar and he was a left guard, so it meant that Teven Jenkins did not have to change positions.

There are off-of-the-field things going on for Nate Davis as he deals with a family matter, but the reports were that he was the second plan when Powers chose the Denver Broncos over the Chicago Bears. So, did the Bears miss out?

In week one, Powers looked good against Bilal Nichols. In week two, Jonathan Allen dominated him, and then in week three, he was up and down against Zach Sieler. This week, he will see a lot of his day against Andrew Billings and Justin Jones. It looks like a matchup when he will shine. Even if Davis returns, he may be rusty and not in the right space. Will Powers make this look bad?