10 questions Chicago Bears must answer in week four vs Denver Broncos

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7. Is this the game when the Chicago Bears let Roschon Johnson take over?

If you have been following the site you know that this is a moment we have been calling for, and looking for. From the first time Roschon Johnson played in the preseason until now, he has been ascending up the depth chart.

First, the Bears made D'onta Foreman inactive, so in week two, the Chicago Bears were in a two-man committee and not a three-man committee. That obviously helps. More than that, the Bears saw Johnson play his highest snap share in week four.

Now, the team needs to start playing him earlier in the games. He saw a lot of time in weeks one and three after the game got out of hand because he is a passing down back. This week, the Bears should be in a tighter game, but also they should be using a power back to grind the Broncos' defense down. That is a Johnson role. Will they do it?