10 questions emerging from the Chicago Bears loss to the Kansas City Chiefs

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Chicago Bears v New England Patriots, Larry Borom
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7. How did Larry Borom look at left tackle for the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears losing Braxton Jones, potentially for the seasons, somehow was the fourth or fifth biggest story to come out before a 41-10 loss. The Bears then needed to turn to their backup Larry Borom. It makes sense not to mess with Darnell Wright, but Borom entered the game with more experience on the right side.

So, how did Borom look? Of all of the issues, he was not one of them. It helps that he saw Mike Danna and rookie Felix Anukduike-Uzomah for most of the night. Of the Chiefs' defensive front, this is not the matchup where issues should come. Still, if issues did come, there would be even longer-term issues.

For now, the team will stick with Borom. They do not have many options, but also held his own. This week he will see a lot of Randy Gregory, can he do the same?