10 questions emerging from the Chicago Bears loss to the Kansas City Chiefs

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Chicago Bears, Kyler Gordon
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4. What are the Chicago Bears going to do in the slot?

The Chicago Bears have had issues with their slot cornerback after putting Kyler Gordon on the IR for a week-one injury. The hope is that he will be back in about three weeks, but we are not sure. Josh Blackwell was the backup, but he suffered a hamstring injury in the first week when he was asked to replace Gordon.

Blackwell missed week one, and the team started Greg Stroman, who was on the practice squad. Still, Stroman was the third-string slot in training camp and the preseason. He held it down fine, mainly because Mike Evans was too busy beating up Tyrique Stevenson. In week three, he struggled more, mainly against Rashee Rice.

The Bears also tried to play Josh Blackwell, but he was limited to nine total snaps and five coverage snaps. In those five snaps, he allowed three catches for 61 yards. That is as bad as it gets.

However, he was just getting back from a hamstring injury and has not had much work in the preseason. You had to expect him to struggle in this game. Now, the question is whether he will be ready to play next week and if the Bears trust him enough to start him. Or, do they role with Greg Stroman, or a mix of both?