10 questions emerging from the Chicago Bears loss to the Kansas City Chiefs

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Chicago Bears, Darnell Mooney
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3. Should the Chicago Bears work in different wide receivers?

The Chicago Bears receiving corps is not good. Chase Claypool and Darnell Mooney are both playing for contracts, but neither of them are doing anything right now. Mooney is recovering from a season-ending injury last year, so you can understand the patience. For Claypool, it appears minor issues ended any chance he could help Justin Fields this off-season and he has already been called out by the coaching staff.

Overall, the Chicago Bears should not see either of these players in the long-term plan. So, why not try some new things out? We sound like a broken drum saying this, but why not play Equanimeous St. Brown over Chase Claypool? He is better at blocking, and they are consistently asking Claypool to do this with issues.

At the same time, the big move they have to make is to try to get Tyler Scott more involved. He was drafted to replace Darnell Mooney after this year; we all know it. Why not speed that process up?

How long of a leash do the Chicago Bears give Mooney and Claypool, and when do we start to see some splits in their snaps?