10 questions emerging from the Chicago Bears loss to the Kansas City Chiefs

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Chicago Bears, Terell Smith
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2. Are we about to see more Terell Smith for the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears really liked what they saw from fifth-round rookie Terell Smith. So, it is good to see that they are working him onto the field. He played just four snaps in week two and then played 57 snaps in week two. A lot of that is because Jaylon Johnson and Tyrique Stevenson both left with injuries.

So, the question is whether or not the Bears will need from him. Knowing the Bears, they probably will. They already lost Kyler Gordon and Eddie Jackson, so why not add some more names to the list? It is good to get Smith on the field, and after the way this season is playing out, it makes sense for the Bears to want to get rookies like him on the field more.

At the same time, he did give up 63 yards in week three after allowing 20 yards in week two. He could remain a liability with the Broncos wide receivers coming to town.