10 questions emerging from the Chicago Bears week 3 loss to the Denver Broncos

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Chicago Bears Offseason Workout, Gervon Dexter
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9.Why are the Chicago Bears not playing their rookie linemen more?

This decision makes no sense. As the season is slipping away from the Chicago Bears, they should be playing their rookies more to get them into the mix. That has not happened. Gervon Dexter went from 23 snaps to 33 in the first two weeks. Then, he shot down from 26 and then played just ten snaps in week four.

Pickens went from 12 snaps to 22 in the first two weeks, then went from 20 to nine in weeks three and four. In the meantime, Justin Jones is playing a lot more, but he is not even playing very well. It makes you wonder why the Bears are not mixing these two in more.

One thing you have to wonder is if Matt Eberflus is in over his head. He is now trying to coordinate the defense while being the CEO and overseeing all phases of the game. There is no way he can do this, and the defense is probably not getting the right attention. Eberflus appears to be trying to simplify the rotations this past week, but it is costing his younger players development time.