10 questions emerging from the Chicago Bears week 3 loss to the Denver Broncos

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Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears, Tremaine Edmunds
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7. When will Tremaine Edmunds prove his value for the Chicago Bears?

So far, the Chicago Bears signing Tremaine Edmunds has been a major flop. He has not impacted the defense in any way, and he was supposed to be the big splash that was made to take this defense a step forward. You could argue that he is making it worse, not only with his play but the opportunity cost lost by playing who could actually be positive.

At this point, it is less about asking if Edmunds can be a playmaker and more about whether he can stop hurting the team. Edmunds is a liability in coverage. Running backs are crushing him, and it happened again against the Broncos. PFF has him charged with six missed tackles.

Is this going to get better, and when? Matt Eberflus is a linebacker coach, and his linebacker coach was supposed to be a rising coach in the ranks. When will these two get anything out of Edmunds?