10 questions emerging from the Chicago Bears win over the Las Vegas Raiders

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Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears, Gervon Dexter Sr.
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8. Can the Chicago Bears give Gervon Dexter more run defense snaps?

The Chicago Bears have been using Gervon Dexter in an interesting manner. His snap rates fluctuate every single week rather than consistently increase. However, there is a pretty clear understanding of how they want to use him. Dexter has played 168 snaps. He has rushed the passer 110 and dropped into coverage once while he has defended the run just 57 times.

That means that when Dexter is on the field, there is a 66.1% chance that the opposing team is passing the football. As we showed, the run defense is better than the pass defense, so teams will pass on them. Still, that is no coincidence. Dexter has played the most in the Bears wins, and in the Bears wins, they led almost the entire game, so the opposition was in obvious pass situations.

In the last three weeks, the difference is more defined. He has 12 run defense snaps and 64 snaps on passing plays. Do the Chicago Bears not trust him against the run? The run defense has been good, but you would also like to see them work Dexter in a little more.