10 questions emerging from the Chicago Bears win over the Las Vegas Raiders

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Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears, Nate Davis
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5. What will the Chicago Bears do at guard when Nate Davis returns?

The Chicago Bears are doing a disservice to Teven Jenkins right now. Ryan Poles never wanted Jenkins and has moved him around constantly, first from tackle to guard, then from the right side to the left. However, with the injury to Nate Davis, they moved him to right guard. Jenkins played great, which is a good development.

Still, in a week or two, the Bears will get Davis back, and then what? Jenkins will likely move back to left guard. He is playing well, but not elite or anything. You have to think that if he could just stay in one spot for a season, you could actually see him take that step. However, this year will be all about him shuffling back and forth and playing both guard spots.

The Bears' best five right now may have played Sunday, but you wonder if Jenkins should have gotten the chance to develop more on the left side while Ja'Tyre Carter or Cody Whitehair played right guard. These are the same things that held Whitehair back from being a nationally recognized player despite a strong career.