10 questions emerging from the Chicago Bears win over the Las Vegas Raiders

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Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago BearsLas Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears, Jaylon Johnson
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4. Did Jaylon Johnson make a lot of money on Sunday?

In the offseason, we broke down a potential contract for Jaylon Johnson. It was fascinating to compare his stats to other cornerbacks because he looked just as good as them in most areas. Even in pass breakups, Jaylon Johnson was right there with his peers, but interceptions were lacking. He had one his career, well below anyone in the contract range he was hoping to get.

This is why Johnson is not as nationally known and why he entered the year without a deal. For someone who gets their hands on the ball as much as Johnson the interceptions had to come. They came in bunches against the Las Vegas as he picked off two passes, returning one for a touchdown in the Chicago Bears win.

Johnson bumped his career number from one to three in a game. He may be able to corral one or two more when you consider he was due to see this happen. Everything else was there for him to get paid this offseason. If he adds another interception or two, he may leave the Chicago Bears and head to the highest bidder, and that bid may be high.