10 questions emerging from the Chicago Bears win over the Las Vegas Raiders

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Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears, Cole Kmet
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2. What is happening with Cole Kmet in recent weeks?

Through five weeks, it was looking like a career year for Cole Kmet. He was the clear number-two threat behind D.J. Moore and was averaging over 46 yards per game. In the last two games, he is down to nine yards, 4.5 yards per game. That is a significant drop-off.

Some of this is explainable. The Bears are playing more tight ends and showing different looks. More than that, while he spent all summer being the go-to guy for Justin Fields in practice, he is not on the same page as the UDFA Tyson Bagent, who is more comfortable with Tyler Scott as the second option behind D.J. Moore.

Still, it has to do with Kmet as well. He has to get better. As we noted, the Chargers will score more than the Raiders this week, and Bagent cannot just check it down and throw screens. He needs someone reliable a few yards down the field and over the middle. Cole Kmet has to link up with Bagent quickly.