10 questions emerging from Chicago Bears win over Carolina Panthers

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The Chicago Bears beat the Carolina Panthers 16-13, and the win was not all that impressive. So, it brings plenty of questions that need to be answered over the seven weeks that will close out the year. What can fans look for after the win over Carolina?

10. What makes Justin Fields an upgrade for the Chicago Bears?

You have probably heard about the difference that Tyson Bagent has brought to the Chicago Bears offense. Bagent is 2-2, while Fields is 1-5 with the team. Bagents gets the football out quicker, and he takes fewer sacks. However, it is an obvious decision that the team has to go back to Fields once he gets healthy. 

The reason is that Fields is much more of a playmaker. Fields has 27.7% of his passes go 10 yards downfield or further, and that is with 16% going 20 yards down the field. 

Bagent only had 8% go 20 yards downfield, and 25.2% go 10 yards downfield. On passes ten yards down the field or further, Bagent completes 44%, while Fields is at 47%. However, the difference is in the playmaking.

Fields has six touchdowns and four interceptions on those passes, while Bagent has two touchdowns and six interceptions. Fields averages 11.2 yards per attempt, and Bagent is at 7. Fields has a 16% big-time throw rate and a 2% turnover-worthy throw rate, per PFF. Bagent is at 5% in big-time throws and 19% in turnover-worthy throws at those same passes.

When Justin Fields holds the ball for 2.5 seconds, he averages 10.1 yards per attempt and has a big-time throw rate of 3.8 with a turnover-worthy throw rate of 2.1%. Meanwhile, Bagent is at 1.2% in big-time throws and 7.3% in turnover-worthy plays.

When Tyson Bagent has to hold onto the ball or throw it down the field, he cannot create lie Fields, and he puts the ball in harm's way more. The Chicago Bears are going with the bigger play potential. 

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