10 questions emerging from Chicago Bears win over Carolina Panthers

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Washington Commanders v Chicago Bears, Braxton Jones
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8. How much of an upgrade is Braxton Jones for the Chicago Bears?

Braxton Jones left after week two with a neck injury and did not return until week nine. It gave us a long look at Larry Borom and we learned quickly that he was not going to push Braxton Jones to keep that starting job. 

PFF grades are not everything, but it is a good way to show the difference between these two players. In pass protection, Braxton Jones has an 82.7 grade and 97 pass efficiency score. Meanwhile, Larry Borom is at 48.6 in grade and 93.7 in pass efficiency. The difference is pretty glaring. 

More than that, Borom has a 50.3 run-blocking grade, and Braxton Jones at 57.1. 

Jones is much better than Larry Borom. He had a pretty easy matchup against the Panthers, but we have seen Borom lose to edge rushers who hardly have any pressures. 

Jones played 74% of the snaps in his first game back but played 100% on Thursday. He should be a huge upgrade moving forward.