10 questions emerging from Chicago Bears win over Carolina Panthers

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears, Gervon Dexter Sr.
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7. Is the increase in snaps for Gervon Dexter a sign of things to come?

Gervon Dexter played 29 snaps on Thursday. While it was not the most of his career, it was the highest rate of his carer. He played 48.3% of the snaps, the highest since the Washington game when he played 47.1%.

Dexter had two pressures, the second most of his career, behind the Washington game. Still, after the Washington game, he had one of the lowest snap counts of his career against Minnesota. A week before the Bears win against Carolina, he played just 22.2%, the second-lowest rate of his career. 

So, will this game lead to more playing time, or will it remain inconsistent? It will probably remain inconsistent. The Bears clearly do not trust Dexter as a run defender. 

He has 163 pass rush snaps and 78 run defense snaps. So, he defends the run on just 32.4 of the snaps he plays. They are trying to keep him away from those situations. 

Dexter has played over 40% of the snaps, and three of them were the Bears wins. If the Bears have a lead in the second half, Dexter will play. If they do not, he will not. That is how you have to expect things to stand moving forward.