10 questions emerging from Chicago Bears win over Carolina Panthers

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears, Jaquan Brisker
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3. What is wrong with Jaquan Brisker?

Jaquan Brisker and Kyler Gordon have been two ships passing in the night. For all of the progress Gordon made after a poor rookie season, we have seen Brisker struggle after his strong rookie year. 

It does not help that Brisker had left four of the first five games for some reason or another due to injury. He was a major part of the issue in coverage, and he eventually sat out weeks eight and nine with a mysterious concussion or illness type of injury.

Brisker returned in week ten and was rusty to start. He missed a tackle and gave up a couple of big completions in coverage. He finished strong, but overall, the game was poor. It has been hard to find a solid overall performance from Brisker. Will he get back to his rookie season ways for the final month or two?