10 questions emerging from Chicago Bears win over Carolina Panthers

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Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears, Marcedes Lewis
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2. Are the Chicago Bears too predictable with their personnel?

The Chicago Bears like to run out of their heavy personnel, but at some point it may start to get too predictable. For example, the team had Marcedes Lewis on the field for 20 snaps on Thursday. The Bears ran the football on 16 of those snaps. 

That is an 80% chance of a run when Lewis is on the field. To be fair, it has not been this pronounced all season. However, the Bears do run the ball on 69% of the snaps that Lewis plays. 

On the flip side, when Robert Tonyan is on the field, they only run the ball 43% of the time. So, the snaps with Lewis on the field and Tonyan on the sideline are pretty blatant runs. 

Can the Chicago Bears find a way to mix this up?