10 questions emerging from the Chicago Bears win over the Washington Commanders

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Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs, Yannick Ngakoue
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7. Should the Chicago Bears keep moving Yannick Ngakoue around?

Early into the season, the Chicago Bears just had Yannick Ngaokoue lined up on the left tackle. However, in the last two weeks, the Bears saw Mike McGlinchey and Andrew Wylie on the right side and Garrett Bolles and Charles Leno on the left. The team could keep DeMarcus Walker on the weaker tackles, but they knew he would not take advantage.

So, in the past two weeks, they have played Ngakoue on both sides a lot more. He played 31 snaps against right tackles in the last two weeks after 36 snaps in the first three weeks. They are starting to move him around a bit more.

It makes sense because the Bears were supposed to be a defensive line that wins with depth as much as talent. They should be shuffling these guys and getting them in the right matchups. The Bears slid DeMarcus Walker inside more this week than ever before, and they brought in Rasheem Green to play inside a bit as well. There needs to be more rotation and shuffling, and it is good we saw that on Sunday.