10 questions emerging from the Chicago Bears win over the Washington Commanders

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Khalil Herbert
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6. What is the status of the Chicago Bears running back injuries?

By the end of the Chicago Bears win against the Washington Commanders, they did not have a running back. Roschon Johnson left the game early with a concussion, and Travis Homer left with a hamstring injury. Khalil Herbert was the man for a bit, but an ankle injury sidelined him.

He tried to come back in but needed to come out immediately after. The reports and the quotes from Herbert are that the injury is not that bad. He expects to play next week, especially after a longer time to heal.

However, with Johnson, it is hard to see him coming back with a concussion, especially with the new rules. He has more time than most, but most concussions call for sitting out a week. A hamstring injury could be multiple weeks for Travis Homer.

Does that mean that we will see D'onta Foreman active again next week? The team does not have depth on the practice squad, but Trestan Ebner is a free agent. Does he get a call this weekend?