10 questions emerging from the Chicago Bears win over the Washington Commanders

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Robert Tonyan
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4. Will the Chicago Bears continue to lean on their heavy personnel?

Another interesting difference from the Chicago Bears win over the Washington Commanders was their offensive personnel. A lot of this has to do with losing Chase Claypool and Equanimeous St. Brown during the game.

Still, from the start, Robert Tonyan was on the field, and Tonyan ended up with the third most yards on the team, behind Cole Kmet and D.J. Moore. Yes, it was only ten yards, but when two tight ends are in the top three yards, it does say how your offense is being built.

Tonyan averaged ten snaps per game with Chase Claypool and 20 snaps per game without him. Even Marcedes Lewis is being used more. Marcedes Lewis is averaging 21 snaps per game in this span after just seven per game early on.

It could be because of the lead, and for Khari Blasingame, the injuries to the running backs added to this. However, he played 26 snaps on Thursday, his season-high. He played 41 snaps over the last two weeks, and that is compared to just 17 in the first three weeks. That is a little more than just the game situation dictating it. It is a shift in how the Bears want to play. Will Tonyan, Lewis, and Blasingame have enough to fill in for what they thought they had in Chase Claypool?