3 questions that got tougher despite the Chicago Bears win over the Detroit Lions 

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The Chicago Bears won an impressive game over the Detroit Lions. Aside from a small spurt of points allowed after a bad decision by the Bears offense in the second quarter, the Bears completely dominated the Lions on both sides of the football. However, sitting at 5-8 every win brings just as many questions as answers. Which questions strongly emerged from the win?

3. Will the Chicago Bears stick with Justin Fields at quarterback 

The Chicago Bears knew that the final seven games of the season would be huge for Justin Fields. It was the best set of playmakers and offensive line around him and the defense was trending up as well. Fields needed to play better, but he needed to win football games. Now, the Chicago Bears are 2-1 since his return. Fields may have played well enough for them to be 3-0 in that stretch. 

While he is slowly winning the fan base back over, this is still going to be an insanely tough decision. Fields is not just playing the Bears out of draft position to replace him. They still have the Panthers pick which almost certainly will be first overall. Do the Bears really pass up a quarterback there? Fields needs to show a lot. 

Two wins in a row are impressive, and his rushing totals have looked great. However, against Minnesota, he mainly threw screens and then had two costly fumbles. Against Detroit, Fields still was sacked three times, he still completed under 60% of his passes, and still had under 250 yards passing. 

They won, though. His play to get the defense to jump, knowing he had a free play and unload a dart to D.J. Moore for a game-changing touchdown may have been the moment that changed his fate. 

With four games left, 3-1. Which means 5-2 since his return would seal that he is the man. 2-2, would be a huge question, and anything less would show he is not progressing enough, and it is just small spurts.