3 quick changes Chicago Bears must make before week two

After an ugly loss it is time for the Chicago Bears to make some tweaks to their roster

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Equanimeous St. Brown, Chicago Bears

2. The Chicago Bears have to activate Equanimeous St. Brown

One small surprise from week one was seeing Equanimeous St. Brown inactive. Then, when you watched the game plan, it was even more shocking. One of the best reasons to keep ESB active would be to get him on the field as a blocker. He fights hard in this area and does the small things well.

If the Chicago Bears do not need that role, so be it, but on Sunday, they obviously did. The Packers run defense was poor, and the Bears tried to expose it, but as we noted, Herbert struggled. Beyond that, the team was heavy on the screen game, but so many were getting blown up. If only they had a good blocking wide receiver out there.

Chase Claypool tried to fill that role and looked awful. The team has to accept that while Claypool looks like a big-bodied wide out he does not play like it. St. Brown can at least block. It does not mean making Claypool inactive, but they have to get St. Brown out there for a few snaps. Beyond that, he can play special teams, so it is not like they are just activating him to get a few run-blocking snaps in.

We are not saying this will fix the run game or that D.J. Moore will have a 60-yard touchdown on a screen every time St. Brown plays. However, if the Bears want to play the style they do, they have to play St. Brown.