3 quick changes Chicago Bears must make before week two

After an ugly loss it is time for the Chicago Bears to make some tweaks to their roster
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DJ Moore, Chicago Bears
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1. The Chicago Bears must target D.J. Moore early

The lack of targets for D.J. Moore was pretty stunning for week one. You can say that Jaire Alexander showed up and shut down Moore and that credit is deserved. However, at the same time, you have to blame the offensive coordinator for not working the ball into his hands more.

Remember the preseason when they immediately threw the ball to Moore, and he ripped off a huge touchdown run? Get the ball in his hands. They ran two screens to Darnell Mooney for -2 yards. Moore did not get any plays where the call was specifically for him to get the ball from the snap like they did with Mooney.

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This makes no sense. The team wanted a big-name receiver for Fields to grow with. Yes, it is on him to get open, but it is on the Chicago Bears to get the ball in his hands. He is excellent after the catch and is obviously good at screens. Heck, even call a play where he runs and lets Fields take a shot down the field. He had no deep targets on Sunday. The Chicago Bears need to use Moore better and more often. They cannot just chalk that up to Jaire Alexander.