5 under-the-radar Chicago Bears to keep an eye on during training camp

There are plenty of positions to watch in training camp beyond Justin Fields

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Everyone is talking about D.J. Moore and Justin Fields and their connection. The Chicago Bears' top ten pick is getting picked apart on every snap, and there is always the question about the pass rush. Still, the NFL is a team sport because the teams are so deep.

Who are some of the players that are in deeper positions battles but the Chicago Bears could see making an impact, or at least making the Bears roster?

5. Does Josh Blackwell have a roster spot locked down with the Chicago Bears?

This is a deep cut, but it could be worth following. Josh Blackwell made the Bears roster last year after the Philadelphia Eagles waived him as a rookie UDFA. He was thrown into the fire at times during his rookie season because the team did not have the depth. He also became a special teams asset for the Bears.

Now, he enters his second year, and the depth chart is tougher to navigate. However, he does have a trump card, which is his ability in the slot. When you look at the Chicago Bears roster, they have Kyler Gordon and Josh Blackwell as slot options, and it gets really thin from there. So, you could make the case that Blackwell has a pretty clear path to the roster. Can he continue to cement his status, and does he have the edge over some of the players on the outside, not names Tyrique Stevenson or Jaylon Johnson?