5 under-the-radar Chicago Bears to keep an eye on during training camp

There are plenty of positions to watch in training camp beyond Justin Fields

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Chicago Bears, Kendall Williamson
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4. How do the Chicago Bears seventh round rookie look?

The Chicago Bears drafted two seventh-round rookies this year. While they have the draft pick commitment, neither of them are locks for the roster. For Travis Bell, he is behind Justin Jones, Andrew Billings, Gervon Dexter, and Zacch Pickens.

He needs to convince the Bears to keep a fifth interior lineman, and at that point, he is competing with other positions for the 53rd spot. Can he show anything on special teams?

Then, there is Kendall Williamson. He may have an easier path to the roster than Bell because of special teams. However, he has as much competition around him as Bell has in front of him. A.J. Thomas was a UDFA last year, but he can make a claim for the roster this summer. He made it on the roster late last year after spending most of the year on the practice squad. Still, he did spend the full season in Chicago, and this is now year two.

Then, there is Adrian Colbert, who has made plenty of rosters in his NFL career. Colbert is entering his seventh NFL season, and he also spent the final weeks of the season on the Chicago Bears roster. So, these are not the scariest names for a rookie to face, but he is a seventh-round pick, and they are experienced players, so this is not a cakewalk for the rookie. Both rookies should be watched closely this summer.