5 under-the-radar Chicago Bears to keep an eye on during training camp

There are plenty of positions to watch in training camp beyond Justin Fields

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Chicago Bears, Dieter Eiselen
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1. Where is Dieter Eiselen in the Chicago Bears rotations?

Dieter Eiselen is not a name that many are looking at, but his role will be interesting. He was a UDFA in the Ryan Pace era, and he played guard primarily. However, in the Ryan Poles era, they have been transitioning him to center. However, if you look at the Bears roster right now, his best path may be guard.

Cody Whitehair and Lucas Patrick are getting the work at center with the first and second teams. Then, there is even Doug Kramer, who is a primary center. Eiselen may be ahead of Kramer because he can play center but has just as much experience at guard.

When looking at the guard depth, you see Ja'Tyre Carter, and then we start to look at UDFAs or players who have been around the NFL and are probably just here for reps in training camp.

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Eiselen could possibly beat out Carter, but if Carter is on the right side, the backup left guard spot has to be his. Backup left guard and third-string center is going to get him on the roster. That is worth watching.