Ranking the 5 most important players on the Chicago Bears roster in 2023

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears, Kyler Gordon
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Chicago Bears Roster Ranking: 4th-most important player

Here is a little preview. The last three players on my list are offensive players. Before I dive into why I think Kyler Gordon is the fourth-most important player on the roster, let me throw out a few other important names on defense. Tremaine Edmunds was a name I thought about adding, but even though I think he fits this defense slightly better than Roquan Smith, he's an off-the-ball linebacker. My opinion on that position is that it's easily replaceable compared to other positions. I think Edmunds will have a fantastic 2023 season, but I cannot justify putting him on the list.

Gervon Dexter is a name I considered too. I'll be a little hypocritical here and say that I struggled to add any rookies to the top five. They come with too many question marks. I think Dexter comes with more intrigue as a top player than Zacch Pickens, and I love his potential, but I cannot put him over Kyler Gordon.

Gordon had an up-and-down season in 2022, but just like Justin Fields, his back half of the year was much better than his first. This is important because it shows the player is learning and growing. You can see statistical and mechanical growth. Gordon plays the nickel and that position seems to be more important in Matt Eberflus' defense than the two outside corners. I am expecting Gordon to come away with more than the three interceptions he had in 2022.