Ranking the 5 most important players on the Chicago Bears roster in 2023

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears, Darnell Wright
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Chicago Bears Roster Ranking: 3rd-most important player

There has to be an offensive lineman on this list. To be honest, I almost put two. Braxton Jones is just as important, but I feel like we know what to expect from him at this point. It was hard putting Darnell Wright on here because he is a rookie, but based on who else is on the Bears' roster, Wright has to be mentioned. If he is not as good as what the Chicago Bears expect, then Justin Fields is in for a long season.

The Chicago Bears allowed the most sacks last season and did not make any big splashes to improve things outside of drafting Wright in the first round. I preferred Paris Johnson, Jr., but that was not even an option as he went sixth overall to the Arizona Cardinals. Wright is the prototypical right tackle though and selecting him allows Braxton Jones to stay on the left side. The addition of Nate Davis should help solidify the line but he's not elite. Teven Jenkins must stay healthy too.

We will have to see what happens with Cody Whitehair moving back to center, but he cannot be any worse than Lucas Patrick or Sam Mustifer were in 2022. The key is obviously health, but the starting five sure looks like a major upgrade on paper. It will come down to key factors, but I think the biggest one is going to be how quickly Wright adapts to the speed of the NFL and locks down that right side. Justin Fields needs time to throw the ball and cannot take so many hits this year. This is why Darnell Wright comes in as the third-most important player on this roster.