Ranking Bears' biggest NFL draft gems of the last decade

We'll leave quarterbacks out of this.
Chicago Bears v Las Vegas Raiders
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Over the last decade or so, the NFL Draft has been a sore subject for Bears fans. Chicago's never-ending quest to find a quarterback that throws for over 4,000 yards in a season continues on, even after multiple big swings at the position in recent years. Trading up to take Mitch Trubisky, and then Justin Fields, didn't play out the way that they envisioned, and even with the #1 pick in this year's draft, Caleb Williams will come to Chicago already dealing with a healthy amount of skepticism from fans. One of these years they're going to get it right, but if you ever find yourself wondering why Bears fans are the way they are, take a quick little dive into their draft results on Football Reference. (Unless you're a Bears fan, and then absolutely do not.)

Still, the Draft hasn't been awful to the Bears otherwise. Through the past decade, there have been more than a few mid- to late-round draft gems that they've found. Most of them, unsurprisingly, have been on defense, but you take what you can get. So before Draft SZN rapidly draws to a close here in a few weeks, let's take a look at some of the best picks that the team has made over the last decade, for no reason in particular. These are the five biggest NFL draft gems of the Bears' last decade, arbitrarily ranked (not really, but also kind of). I promise that this is a Velus Jones Jr free zone.