Ranking Bears' biggest NFL draft gems of the last decade

We'll leave quarterbacks out of this.
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5. Tarik Cohen

Drafted: 4th Round, 2017

The Bears took Cohen out of North Carolina A&T in the 4th round of the 2017 Draft, as the running back was one of only four HBCU players drafted that year. His rookie season was something of a success – in 16 games played, Cohen rushed for 370 yards (87 attempts) had 353 receiving yards (53 receptions), and four total touchdowns (two rushing, one receiving, one punt return).

His second season, though, was the stuff of legends. Not only did he have 1169 total yards (444 rushing, 725 receiving) and eight touchdowns, but Cohen led the league in both total punt returns and punt return yards (441). He was named to the NFL's First Team All Pro unit for Special Teams, and was elected to the Pro Bowl. His numbers regressed – but were still plenty good – in 2019, and then injuries limited him to only three games in 2020. He's since signed with the Panthers' practice squad, but injuries continue to get in the way of his comeback. If this is it for Cohen, Bears fans will remember him fondly as a tremendous all-around player with a great personality to boot.