Ranking Bears' biggest NFL draft gems of the last decade

We'll leave quarterbacks out of this.
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3. Khalil Herbert

Drafted: 6th round, 2021

Going through the last decade of Bears drafts, it's hard to find someone who's been as productive an everyday player as Herbert, regardless of where they were drafted. (Although because it's the Bears, Herbert doesn't even have the most rushing yards of any player from his own draft class.) In three years as one of the primary members of a Bears backfield, Herbert has always had at least double-digit games played, 400 rushing yards, and two touchdowns. 2022 has been his best season so far: he rushed for a career-high 731 yards, scored four rushing touchdowns, and averaged 56.2 yards per game.

His stats were a little more well-rounded in 2023, though he did have less rushing yards on (marginally) more attempts, which doesn't exactly scream "effective." Still, he was the second-leading rusher on the NFL's best running team, and led all running backs in total rushing yards. With D'Andre Swift and Roschon Johnson on the roster, Herbert may not be long for Chicago, but that doesn't change the fact that it was a hell of a pick.